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How can we keep our skin glowing and shiny through the transition from autumn to winter?

How can we keep our skin glowing and shiny through the transition from autumn to winter?

Jan 20, 2022

Mrs Ashraf

As weather turns from autumn to winter, skin becomes dehydrated due to dryness and low temperature.

Humectants can easily rehydrate dry, parched and flaky skin.

Humectants like glycerin, hyaluronic acid and panthenol draw moisture from the air into the skin. You may need to switch to a richer moisturizer in the daytime to lock in the moisture. Always apply SPF 30-90 as sunscreen, before going out, and then apply HA based serums like Plump & Glow for moisture retention and to get maximum anti-aging effects by preventing dryness of skin.

In winter evenings, always opt for less drying cleansers that are oil based such as olive oil, Vitamin E (Everclear Cleanser) to keep your complexion glowy.

To pack your regime with hydration start your day with intake of Vitamin E, Omega3,6,9 and Zinc containing  foods. You can also take supplements so that essential nutrients can prevent skin from dryness.

Begin your routine with oil-rich cleansers like Everclear Cleanser, pair it with Maxiglow fruit extract cream or, Plump & Glow serum which has a luxurious base of hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated.

Wash face daily with a well-balanced face wash that wouldn’t dehydrate skin like Gluta Papaya Rosehip facial wash as it has Vitamin C & glutathione. Washing your face twice daily helps to brighten your complexion by removing dead skin buildup, promotes cell renewal and boosts collagen production to give skin a plumper look.

If you have acne prone skin or acne marks, opt for Azelaic acid and tea tree  serum at night to get rid of all of your stubborn acne marks. 4D power detox anti acne enzyme serum is a skin clearing formula which doesn’t leave your skin patchy, making your skin more supple and mark free.

If you have dry, damaged and pigmented skin, exfoliate with the combination of Rosehip Vitamin C & AHA, as AHA removes dead skin & Rosehip Vitamin C renews it with induction of collagen towards first layer of skin (epidermis) removing pigmentation. You will get these two ingredients in 4D power detox microenzyme peel serum and they will leave your skin glowy and smooth.

After exfoliation we need to minimize skin pores with a balanced, detoxifying mask that leaves our skin hydrated. 4D power detox Nonocellulose Face Mask with glutathione in a powerful anti-oxidant mud mask that removes toxins, nourishes and calms skin without leaving it dehydrated, gives skin plentiful hydration. Its glow lift essence induces collagen and makes skin plump. CoQ10 provides the best nourishment to skin in winter with hyaluronic acid & glutathione at its side. It also helps to even out the skin tone for a unitone complexion.

Lift your spirits up by waking up to glowy, shiny and brightened skin every morning.