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Derma Casa is established by Dr. Batool Ashraf a Cosmetic Dermatologist 10 years ago.It is the premiere and inno-aesthetic clinic that offers the best and very latest high-tech cutting edge solutions to modern day skin & hair care concerns. Our exceptional and committed team of fully qualified skin care professionals offer the best medical & surgical treatments for a comprehensive range of general skin, nail & hair conditions along with high quality be-spoke aesthetic treatments, including wrinkle relaxing injections such as BOTOX, DERMAL FILLERS, THREAD LIFT, PRP (Liquid Face lift), Cosmeceutical Facials, Medical grade & originutrics Peels alongwith Hands & Feet Care—– range of skincare and medical expertise all under one roof with distinctive advantages.

OUR success can only be assured by having these modalities applied with proper care and in synergy to give you the beautiful skin you always dream of. Every treatment consultation & follow up appointment at Derma Casa is carried out by Dr. Batool herself. Her personal & bespoke approach coupled with her exceptional & exclusive services keeps her patients coming back again & again from all over the world. DERMA CASA gives laser platform with cutting edge technologies at one place so that the treatment which really are most suited to each patient’s particular needs can be chosen. Our dynamic medical and skin care management staff that work in the clinic’s medical & paramedical area receive advance training in the particularities of the treatments provided to meet patient’s need under the best current safety criteria.

PROTOCOLS – Created and implemented by Dr. Batool we believe that the bespoke patient journey at Derma Casa is second to none. The Process is as Follows. Consultation —> Treatment —> After Care (Post treatments) to Follow up:


Professional Treatment

All bodies are different, we provide professional hair treatment for each patient. Getting professional treatment once a month you’ll get a breakout-free and glowing face.

Achieve the Dream

Your appearance matters for us. Get surgical perfection with non surgical methods and achieve your dream.

Utmost Care

Providing supportive care for your skin and looking the age you feel not the age you are. Dr. Batool & her team of dermatologists will help you overcome your all skin and hair problems.

Our Services

We offer the reliable and very latest high-tech cutting edge solutions to modern day skin & hair care concerns. Our exceptional services include medical and surgical treatments as well as nail & hair high quality treatments. Our top services includes wrinkle relaxing injections such as BOTOX, DERMAL FILLERS, THREAD LIFTS, PRP (Liquid Face lift), Cosmeceutical Facials, Medical Peels, Medical & originutrics Peels with Hands & Feet Care range of skincare and medical expertise all under one roof with distinctive advantages.

Medical Dermatology

Dr. Batool is a consultant dermatologist and has been practicing for over 10 decades. She does cosmetic procedures such as Fillers & Botox and many other medical services.

Cosmetic Treatment

Our cosmetic treatment will enhance your beauty and give clinical care for youthful skin. Our professionals do cosmetic treatment with complete care.

Family Care Treatment

Family Care treatment includes all the whitening and healing treatment that enhance your beauty and makes you more beautiful. Our team gives you complete all family Care treatments under one roof.
skincare treatment

Skin Care Treatment

Skin care treatment includes a variety of services like whitening treatments, laser, Facial & regardless of skin tone brightening injections will even out skin tone to give a brighter and healthier look.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment removes all your unwanted hair via pulsating, intense beams of light.This decreases hair growth drastically-to the point that you can avoid shaving altogether.

Hair Treatment

We offer hair and scalp treatment including hair Loss (Genetic), hair thinning, Alopecia Areata, Folliculitis, Traction Alopecia and other hair treatments.

Dermal Fillers

INJECTABLE FILLERS is a soft tissue filler that is inserted into the skin at varying depths to help fill facial wrinkles, provide facial volume and improve facial features, providing a smoother appearance.

Skin Whitening

In certain patients, skin whitening and brightening procedures, irrespective of skin color, can also provide skin glow and provide a brighter and healthier appearance. A single treatment will improve even with several therapies, the greatest effects are obtained.

Featured Products

Our top featured product is the best in the market. We have a variety of serums for acne problems, micro enzyme peel, and hair inhibiton.  We have the best vitamin and glowing serum that gives you ultimate glow.

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