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Jul 31, 2021

drbatoolashraf Admin


The most effective way to get rid of recurring acne is by going to its source under the skin and removing selected sebaceous glands. These glands produce sebum which is what causes the acne. If the sebaceous gland is reduced or minimized acne cannot come back in that spot again. Various treatments are available to achieve it like PDT photodynamic therapy especially Blue light is good for teenage acne as it reduces breakout and consumption of Isotretinoin for longer period of time, minimizing its side effect and controlling papulocystic Acne very well. Lasers and peel single treatment or in combination are enough along with Hormonal Management, dietary and lifestyle changes. Mesotherapy via Dermapen, Hydrafacial, Oxygeneo facial, Fractional Co2 laser & PRP, these latest and Hitech treatments are very effective for Acne Vulgaris- Rosacea to Acne Scars.